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Chip the Topgolf Ball

Hobbies - Edit

Chip T. Ball - Fanmail vol. 1 // Hobbies

The Chip T. Ball series of videos is something I cooked up with my good friend Blake Gantz. The original idea was to create something fun for Topgolf to use in their social channels. The style has morphed a little bit over time but we always have fun making them.

This round of 4 "fanmail' videos has generated 300,000+ views on Facebook.

I was the writer, director, producer, DP, editor, and colorist. I also did the animations, the props, and the sound recording. Chip is played by Blake himself, and he deserves at least a co-writing credit, and credit as a producer too. We also could not do it without the help of Natalie Acevedo from Topgolf Media.

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Hobbies - Edit
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Chip T. Ball - Fanmail Vol. 2 // Family History

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Family History - Edit 04_FINAL.mp4.00_00_46_04.Still003.png
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Chip the Topgolf Ball - Chip goes to Charlotte

Chip the Topgolf Ball is a character I helped create with Topgolf to star in a series of promotional videos.  Chip lives inside multiple genres, which doesn't make a lot of sense but it *does* seem to make people laugh, so we're planning to keep doing them.

I wrote, co-directed, shot, and edited each of these videos which were featured on Topgolf's various social media channels. 

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Chip Visits Portland

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