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Mt. Freelance

Mt. Freelance is an online video course for creative freelancers. I worked with Aaron and Andrew to produce the video content for the course. I served as the DP, Editor, and colorist.

Mt. Freelance - an online course for creative freelancers

Mt. Freelance - an online course for creative freelancers

- 2.5TB of 4.6k footage

- Hundreds of Photoshop graphic layers

- 100+ After Effects ‘Linked Comps’

- 50+ deliverables

I’ve filmed and/or edited several eCourses but this one was a beast. It was also a dream to work with Aaron and Andrew, who already had strong creative direction when they came to me with the project, but were also willing to let me add some of my own touches and sense of humor during the edit process. The end result was something we were all proud of, and should be helpful to creative freelancers everywhere.

Aaron James - Co-writer, Producer, Talent

Andrew Dickson - Co-writer, Producer, Talent

Braden Spotts - DP, Editor, Color

Christina Coon - Producer

Tristan Stoch - Grip/Gaff

Riley Brown - PA/Assistant Editor

Mt. Freelance - Overview Video

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1. Mt. Freelance Overview Video_b2.00_00_10_06.Still001.png
3-4_Pitfalls and Problems A - v5.00_02_39_14.Still003.png
14. How to negoitiate_b2.00_00_10_06.Still001.png
9. Have you ever bought a sign.png